Marianne Matouk born in Caracas, Venezuela 1997....

Marianne Matouk born in Caracas, Venezuela 1997. Her first approachment to photography it was at Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía. She did workshops with photographers  Álvaro Laiz, Charles Mostoller, Kevin Moloney, Lucca Pagliari, Salvatore Elefante, and others. She completed a Master of Projects Creations at Lens School of Visual Arts in Madrid Spain, and did her practices at Pico do Refugio on the Island of São Miguel Açores, in Portugal.  Currently she complements her artistic career with video and a diplomate of literature in CENDECO at Universidad Metropolitana in Caracas, Venezuela. 

She has developed a personal photographic work, based on author photography. Her research and investigation of her projects is about the measurements between human beings and their intimate environment, the mystery of the time, and the magic realism of the remotes villages. Creating little narratives, which tell us, a story trough images.


Las Falleras- PHIESTAPHE, PhotoEspaña- Ayuntamiento de Segovia, Spain 2022.
Las Falleras - PHIESTA PHE, PhotoEspaña- Embassy of Spain at Lisbon Portugal 2022.
Segredo um Canto do Mar - "Incertidumbre" Lens School of Visual Arts, Madrid, Spain 2020. 
El Elogio de la Sombra - Projection at Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía, Caracas, Venezuela 2016.
Visiones - "Trasatlántica. Latinoamérica es un pueblo al sur de Estados Unidos" PhotoEspaña. Casa América, Madrid, Spain 2015. 
Proyecto Demente - Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía, Caracas, Venezuela 2014.
Visiones - Projection at Roberto Mata Taller de Fotografía, Caracas, Venezuela 2013.


Portfolio Review Fireflies in the Garden - Descubrimientos PhotoEspaña, online 2023.
Enfoque Conecta - Latinoamerican Magazine, Colombia 2021. 
FILA (Festival Imaginarios de las Artes) Caracas, Venezuela - Mention on best photography, best photographer and award for powerful minds. 2015.
Portfolio Review Visiones - PhotoEspaña, Caracas, Venezuela 2014.


Photography of the diaries of Marta Botas. Travelling books, stories through collages and paintings in Telva Magazine. 2022
Portraits of Andrea Santolaya. Published in Açoriano Oriental, the most ancient journal in Portugal since 1835. 2020


She worked and collaborated for influential photographers, designers and journalists in Venezuela and Spain.

Marta Botas - Assistant and photography of some of her projects for her website 2021.
Andrea Santolaya - São Miguel Açores, Portugal. Assistant of Photography and production of her photobook Isolado, 2020.
Ronald Pizoferrato - Valencia, Spain, Zurich Suiza- Edition of photography for his Exhibition at Leica Switzerland, 2019.
Efrain Vivas - Caracas, Venezuela. Assistant of Photography, Production of PhotoBook "Negro Oscuro, Blanco Trágico, mañana vendrán las piedras” 2016 - 2017.
Willy Mckey - Caracas, Venezuela. New Journalism. "Niños que matan”,  2017. 
Maria Eugenia Ulivi - Caracas, Venezuela. Assistant of Photography and collaboration of her photobook Jaulas, 2015- 2016. 
Alexis Perez Luna - Caracas, Venezuela. Assistant of Photography and Edition, 2014.

Marianne Matouk

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